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Websites for young people

Many young people like using the Internet to find information. Be selective as the quality of information on the Internet varies greatly. Some sites that young people tell us they find helpful are:

Support and help

Youth Focus is a Western Australian community based organisation with expertise in providing practical and effective support for young people 12 to 18yrs of age and their families, who are showing early signs associated with suicide and deliberate self harm. Services include: counselling, family therapy, peer support weekends, mentoring, and life skills and educational training

Drug and alcohol office. Includes information on services for young people, families, and professionals.

Office of mental health.

What to do after a suicide - finding support - making sense of it all - putting the pieces together; and linking with supports and services on the net and in the community.

Suicide prevention

The Youth Suicide Prevention Information Kit, developed in conjunction with the Departments of Health and Education and the Ministerial Council for Suicide Prevention, has been distributed widely in the community and continues to be in high demand. The Kit is designed to assist professionals working with young people, for young people themselves and for the community at large. It is a positive step towards educating people about this complex social issue.

Supports the community to plan and develop suicide prevention activities and programs Research and statistical information:

This website seeks to increase access to and availability of suicide prevention information for professionals, researchers and community members. The most recent research, reports & sought after resources are listed & linked on the left hand side

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Links